Training Coordinator

Major James Chris Johnson, Jr. is the Training Coordinator at Buford Security Agency having over 20 years experience working in numerous Law Enforcement and Security positions. Chris began his career as a Police Communications Officer in 1999, becoming a sworn police officer in 2001 attending the Montgomery Police Academy that same year. Major Johnson has served in the Uniformed Patrol Division, Investigations Division, Narcotics Task Force, and Special Operations Units as well as numerous leadership positions throughout his career as a Corporal, Sergeant, and Chief of Police while currently employed as a K-9 Deputy with a local Sheriff's Department. Having taken on the enormous responsibility of field training law enforcement officers since 2004 he has mentored and taught hundreds of entry level professionals whom have gone on to have extremely successful careers. He holds certifications in Police Management, Narcotics Investigation, Advanced Interviews & Interrogations, Special Weapons and Tactics, ALLERT I (Active Shooter Response), Advanced Homicide Investigations, NCIC Operator, and Agency Information Security Officer in addition to many other's attained over the past 2 decades.